Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bobbing in the Water

Right now it is rainy and cold, just another typical Washington day. But a few days ago the sun decided to come out and bless us with it's warm rays. I was driving home on the freeway after a long day at work and when I came to my exit, I just kept going. I had this urge to sit by the water in the sun and pour out my feelings and thoughts. I knew the perfect place, it's a tiny little "park" on the Columbian river. Calling it a park is being generous as I don't think it's even an acre big. But there's rocks to sit on by the water and not many people know about it so I had it all to myself. I enjoyed the sun and scenery for a bit, then pulled out my laptop and wrote. I poured out my feelings and thoughts, whatever came to my head. I was in one of those retrospective moods. I easily could have written it all out in my room, but I think I just really needed to be outside, to be free. It's been too long since I simply went out alone and enjoyed nature. I've decided I'm going to make the time to get outside and explore different nature areas and soak up God's beautiful creation. 

I couldn't get a clear picture of him, but out in the water there was a solitary duck. The entire time I was sitting there he was out by himself bobbing around in the river. He never let himself drift far from the spot he was in, he just chilled there. It seemed so odd to me at the time. What was he doing? And why was he alone? I like to think that he was like me, taking some time alone to think and contemplate his little duck life. 

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