Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spoons & Fun Fizz

Last Friday I had a small dinner party because one of my guy friends had been asking me for awhile to make him something with venison. I finally made it happen and actually managed to cook a pretty great tasting stew if I do say so myself. I was actually pretty nervous about the night because I'm not usually the planner type but it ended up being such a great night full of laughter. 

We played the game Jenga and it was hilarious how much trash-talking was going on....over a game of Jenga. It was especially amusing to watch my friend Logan attempt to remove the little blocks with his huge bear hands. Seriously, his pinky was even too big to push the blocks through. 

One of my friends brought these Kool-Aid Fun Fizz tablets as a gift for a friend. They look like little ecstasy pills that you would get at a club with little smiley faces on them. You're supposed to drop them into water to make Kool-Aid but instead my friend decided to just pop one in his mouth like candy. I thought "what the heck?" and did the same, only as soon as I had it in my mouth I decided to chew it. 

It's hard to aptly describe how I reacted to this, it's one of those things where you really have to be there, but I guess a good way of saying it is that I flipped out. I was laughing hysterically but trying to keep my mouth closed at the same time so I ended up hopping up and down with tears streaming out of my eyes. Why was I reacting this way? Imagine all-of-a-sudden having an explosion of foam and flavor burst into your mouth. If I had opened my mouth at all, foam would have come spilling out of my mouth like I had rabies. I really wasn't expecting it and it took me by complete surprise. No one else had the same reaction because they were only sucking on their tablets, where as I had chewed mine. As soon as they did, they had a bigger reaction, (although not quite as crazy as mine). These are totally the kind of "random things" that amuse me a lot....so much so that I went and bought some of my own. :) 

The night continued on with a very intense and physical game of spoons. I don't like to lose so twice while fighting someone over a spoon I was literally dragged across our dining room table because I wouldn't let go. I don't think I've ever played a rougher game of spoons (and that's saying something) but it was so much fun despite the bruises and cuts. Later my friend Eddie did his full-on pterodactyl impression which is absolutely crazy. I took a video of it which I might post later. Anyways, it was an awesome night. It will definitely be nice once I have my own place so I can plan more fun events. :)

(Also, on my trip to the store to buy some more Fun Fizz I also picked up some fun bottled sodas. I always love trying different unique drinks.) 

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