Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old Habits

Song of the Day: Old Habits by Hot Bodies in Motion

These guys are a local band from Seattle and I got the chance to go see them play when they had a show in Portland last weekend. It was amazing. You know how some bands sound great on audio but completely suck live? Not so with these guys! I would almost say they sound even better live! Watch out for HBIM, I have a feeling they're gonna go big! The description on their website describes them best: 
"Baby-makin’ mammal funk, laced with old-school blues roots---Hot Bodies acknowledges that it's dangerous to put this much sexy into one sound. The melodies are soulful and catchy enough to put that iconic smile on Stevie Wonder’s face while the music would make Stevie Ray Vaughan tip his hat."
I don't have lyrics for this song but take a listen to their music and watch this great music video they just released! 

Hot Bodies in Motion - Old Habits from Zeek Earl on Vimeo.

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