Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Those of You Who Blog

Do you ever think up (and mentally write down) an amazing blog about something but never get to actually writing it down? That's what I did last night. It was such a great (mental) post but my laptop was shut off and I was already in bed. I'm sure I could probably recreate it now but I think my motivation is gone. I hate when that happens. And it's not just blogs either but notes, stories, things I'd like to say to someone, poetry, etc. Sometimes if it's really good and relatively short I drag myself out of bed, grab a notepad, write it down and then go back to sleep. 
There was an Archie comic I read when I was younger where the Archie gang was set in the future and they had a headset that would translate what you were thinking into words. Maybe someday they actually will invent technology that can do that. 

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