Thursday, September 16, 2010


What is Turducken you ask? It is a chicken...stuffed inside a duck....stuffed inside a turkey! (and cooked of course) I recently just learned about this when I checked out Extreme Cuisine from my library and then it was brought up again tonight at my college-aged church group. I am definitely planning on making it this Thanksgiving, it sounds amazing! The only thing I think would make it better would be adding bacon! Yummmm!


I would call it Humturducken!

Another thing that looks equally delicious is the Bacon Explosion. 
I will let Wikipedia do the explaining: "A Bacon Explosion is a pork dish that consists of bacon wrapped around a filling of spiced sausage and crumbled bacon. The American football-sized dish is smoked or baked."

What it looks like before it is rolled up and cooked

Mmmm bacony goodness!

Are you salivating now? I sure am! :)
Btw, if you couldn't tell I'm actually not a vegetarian ;)

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