Thursday, September 9, 2010

My "Gourmet" Cooking Attempt

Today I had a random desire to cook a "gourmet" meal. It's normally not something I do very often (for good reason) but I had a craving for a 3 Cheese Macaroni dish I had a long time ago. You can find the recipe here. So it's probably not classified as "gourmet" (hence the quotation marks) but seeing as it contains some fancy cheeses I'm going to call it such! ;) 

I wanted to make this a more formal dinner so I purchased salad ingredients and some delicious focaccia bread. When I got home I realized I was lacking something to drink and decided to make some ice tea and in the process of doing so managed to ignite a mini fire! I mistakingly put the tea bags in the pot of boiling water while it was still on the burner and the tea tags hanging over the side caught aflame! No worries though, I stayed calm and was able to put out the fire without causing any damage. 

My pot of Vanilla Mint soon-to-be-iced Tea

I had another near-mishap a few minutes later when the pot containing my macaroni boiled over, I was barely able to turn down the temperature fast enough so that it didn't spill over everywhere and burn myself. Close call! Multitasking, especially in the kitchen isn't one of my strong points!

Macaroni Noodles

Here is the sauce that contained asiago, romano, and white cheddar cheeses. Absolutely delicious! I could definitely become a cheese connoisseur 

Cheese Sauce

Of course, for a "gourmet" dinner you must have a formal setting so I brought out the nice china and gold cutlery.

Table Setting

For the first course we had focaccia bread with a vinaigrette dip and salad topped with romano cheese crumbs. 

First Course

And finally, the second course with the 3 cheese macaroni and red potatoes and green beans in a rosemary butter sauce. 

Second Course

If this had been planned ahead, I would have invited people over for dinner since there was a ton left over. Guess what I'll be eating for the next week? :)

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