Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Oh I love looking back at all the things that were popular when I was young. So here a few of my favorite childhood things!

Gellies! I had several pairs of these!

The best markers EVER. 
I'd spend most of my time sniffing these instead of coloring!

The Angry Beavers; enough said.

I was quite crafty with these! (haha crafty, get it?)

Busy town! This show was great, 
especially the worm driving around in an apple!

My favorite! Drinks....with faces....that you can SQUEEZE! :D

Oh Lisa Frank your stuff is redic, none-the-less I had plenty of
your binders and pencils and notebooks.

Polly Pocket! Pretty much a mini miniature 
doll house for your pocket!

I loved this movie! I went through a serious "spy" stage in
my life where I went around taking notes about "suspicious" things.

This was one of two favorite stuffed animals from my childhood.
I had the Orange one and called it Purr Kitty. Sadly, I lost Purr Kitty 
and I'm pretty sure I cried for days!

Skip it! I could do this for hours and hours. 

Butterfly clips! Not the most attractive hair accessory but 
I wore them!

Cat's Cradle! I've totally forgotten how to do this, but it was cool!

Oh yes, the cootie catcher! I know how to make them by 
heart, they were pretty big back in the day.

Pretty much the best, yet terrifying game there is!

Milky gel pens, there were so many different kinds,
and I got special dark paper to make them look even cooler.

Ski Free! I never could get passed the Yeti. 

Remember these stretchy tattoo necklaces? I even had 
a ring and anklet to match!

Pound Puppies! I loved the little tiny baby ones! :)

So many stories, myths, and historical events I know just 
from watching Wishbone! 
(like Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, the Count of Monte Cristo)  

This came out around my middle school years and didn't
stay very long but I can still remember the taste!

There are tons more so I'll probably do another post later. I do realize that these are mostly "girl" things but seeing how I am a girl, my memories are bound to go in that direction. Although I did love playing with G.I. Joe's and Lego's. 

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