Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awesome Star Wars Stuff

So Star Wars is pretty much amazing and I've run across several Star Wars related items that I think are pretty stinkin' fantastic.

Williams-Sonoma has these cookie cutters.... 

"Mmmmmm a cookie am I" (said in the voice of Yoda)

Then they also have Star Wars Pancake molds! Just cause eating things in shapes are so much more fun!

I also found this Boba Fett hoodie by Ecko. So cool. 

Or you could wear this R2D2 hat!

And for the Jedi who would rather not get wet....there's a light-saber umbrella!

Now this last picture isn't anything you can buy, it's just a picture that someone made that is pretty sweet. 

An ideal day to post this would have been May 4th but I forgot and am posting it now. If you're a Star Wars fan any day will do! ;)

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