Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I Want to Do/Experience

Have my portrait painted.
Be an extra in a film. (I was a stand-in but its not the same)
Be a member of the audience in a TV show.
Send a message in a bottle.
Shower in a waterfall.
Experience weightlessness.
Write my will.
Sleep under the stars.
Attend one really huge rock concert.
Go deep sea fishing and eat my catch.
Run to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
Hail a cab.
See the northern lights.
Visit all seven continents.
Write a song.
Swim with dolphins.
Go Skydiving.
Camp out in a line outside a store.
Kiss in the rain.
Float on the Dead Sea.
Go on a road trip with no particular direction.
Sail on the ocean. (the Puget Sound doesn't count)
Live abroad.
Learn how to fly a plane.
Ride in a police car.
Visit the seven wonders of the world.
Plant my own garden.
Be on television.
Swim with sharks.
Be able to do the splits.
Visit all 50 states.
Catch a fish with my bare hands.
Learn to trust people.
Steal a sign.
Spend New Year's Eve in Times Square.
Sleep on the top of a roof.
Learn to drive stick shift.
Own an exotic animal.
Save someone's life.
Attend Burning Man.
Buy an expensive pair of shoes.
Get a full Spa makeover.
Adopt a child.
Invent something.
Become a member of the 300 club.
Overcome the chronic pain of IC.
Milk a cow.
Speak a foreign language fluently.

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