Sunday, October 5, 2008

Things I Have Done/Experienced

Was a stand-in for the movie Twilight
Visited another country.
Scuba dived.
Climbed a really tall tree to the top.
Flew on a plane.
Ridden on a train.
Fractured my wrist.
Jumped off a bridge.
Danced in the rain.
Gone skinny-dipping.
Stayed up all night.
Been in the newspaper.
Swam in a public fountain.
Painted a picture.
Crowd surfed.
Learned the ABC's in Sign Language.
Shot a gun.
Planted trees.
Seen a movie at a drive-in.
Flown a kite.
Eaten a worm, oyster, a mussel, sushi, caviar, and alligatior.
Snuck in an apartment pool and swam at 3 in the morning.
Been to Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.
Gone whitewater rafting.
Been in a car accident.
Ridden a mechanical bull.
Rock climbed.
Played in the mud. (covered head to toe!)
Sung karaoke.
Read more than 500 books. (at least)

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