Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Lyrics

Let me ask you
do you think your feet don't follow?
talking with your mouth
but your head is hollow
maybe when the circus comes
i'll buy you bubble gum
show you where to stand
hold your hand
'til your mama comes

no biters!
that's right
no biters!

~ No Biters, Miss TK & The Revenge

And if i had something to say to you
i'd whisper it softly,
kiss you on your rosey lips
and never let you off me.
shiver on your roof
and see your face lit by starlight,
hold you through the night
and watch that colorado sunrise.

~ Colorado Sunrise, 3Oh!3

I felt you in my life
Before I ever thought to
Feel the need to lay down
Beside you
And tell you
I feel you in my heart,
And I don't even know you
And now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye
Now we're saying
Bye, bye, bye

I was nineteen
(call me)
I was nineteen
(call me)

Flew home,
Back to where we met
Stayed inside
I was so upset
Cooked up a plan,
So good except
I was all alone
You were all I had
Love you
You were all mine
Love me

~Nineteen, Tegan & Sara

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